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Due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19, the American Advertising Awards competition rules, categories and entry procedures for 2020-2021 have been modified to allow for the possibility of remote online judging.

In some categories, entrants are allowed and/or required to upload additional digital examples of an entry. This is intended to provide more appropriate content for the judges, should a virtual judging solution be necessary. For most categories, there has been no change from prior competition years.

Please carefully follow all online submission guidelines provided within the entry system, in order to ensure that your work is properly represented during all three tiers of the American Advertising Awards competition.

Please note that online judging is approved for THIS YEAR ONLY.

Online Entry and Judging Software

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To access the Judges Portal, you will need to use the credentials sent to you by AAF National.

The American Advertising Awards, home of the ADDY® Award, is one of the industry's largest creative competitions, attracting nearly 35,000 professional and student entries each year through competitions offered through local AAF clubs. The mission of the American Advertising Awards is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in advertising.

Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the local Ad Club phase is the first of a three-tier, national competition. Concurrently, all across the country, local entrants vie to win ADDY Awards - recognition as the very best in their markets. At the second tier, local ADDY winners compete against winners from other local clubs in one of 15 district competitions. District ADDY winners are then forwarded to the third tier, the national stage of the American Advertising Awards. Entry in your local Ad Club competition is the first step toward winning a national ADDY.

2020  CincinnADDYs Call For Entries 

Let It Out!

Yeah, you heard that right. It's time to let it out, take no prisoners, give it all you've got for your business. Show the world what you've done this past year and don't be afraid of nobody.

About the ADDYs:

CincinnADDYs is the first step of the three-tier creative competition from the American Advertising Awards (aka the ADDYs) that nationally attracts more than 35,000 entries annually.

But the CincinnADDYs is more. This year, we will continue with our Cincinnati Celebration of Creativity by adding Cincinnati-only awards along with our standard national categories.


What to submit?

You’ll find all the 3-tier categories that you’ve seen the past two years. We will be bringing in a panel of high-profile creatives from across the country to judge the work. And we will publicize their names and their credentials. So, review all the great work you created in 2019. Select the work you want to be judged. There’s a place for almost anything you created! 



                                        January 10, 2020
                                    Single               Campaign             Late Fee/Jan 15           Really Late/Jan 17

Member                       $ 80                 $100                               +$30                                 +$50

Non-member*             $120               $140                                +$30                                  +$50

Student                        $ 40                 $ 40                         (no extra fee)                  (no extra fee)

Prices listed are for entry by January 10, 2020.  Professional entries add $30 per submission January 11-15, 2020.  (Last minute entries, accepted on January 17, will add $50 per submission to the January 10 prices.)

*Not a Member? Join Now!  Go to: https://aafcincinnati.org/join.php

If you have questions, please call the AAF Cincinnati office, (513) 984-9990. 


SUBMIT ALL WORK ONLINE.  Visit www.CincinnADDYs.com to register and submit work.  Payment for submissions can be made online or by check to AAF Cincinnati. Deliver check with your manifest and physical entries to our drop-off location. All payments must be received by the deadlines to be eligible for the competition. 

IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING ONLY ELECTRONIC/DIGITAL WORK ENTRIES, they do not need to be physically delivered. This applies to entries in the following categories ONLY and requires submission of creative assets either via digital file uploads or submission of URLs for judging (carefully following the submission instructions). For THESE CATEGORIES ONLY, submit all work online with no requirement to deliver in person:

  •       Online/Interactive categories (#31 - #40 and #63)
  •       Film, Video and Sound categories (#41 - #59) 
  •       Select Elements of Advertising categories (#74 - #87)
  •       Public Service/Digital Entries  (#98 - #109)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A signed manifest is still required for these entries.  Please print, sign, and scan the Manifest and e-mail it to info@aafcincinnati.org. 

For all other categories, a physical entry form and physical samples of the creative work suitable for judging must be submitted as part of the entry even though a PDF or JPG of the entry was uploaded.  

Physical entries must be delivered in-person (not mailed) to Grey Midwest between the hours of 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. on 1/10/20 or 1/15/20. LAST MINUTE entries, with additional late fees, may be delivered in-person between 3 and 5 on 1/17/19.  Please submit each entry in a clear plastic envelope and INCLUDE YOUR ENTRY FORM. Also INCLUDE WITH YOUR GROUP OF ENTRIES, ONE SIGNED MANIFEST (THE LISTING OF ALL YOUR ENTRIES).

If you have not paid entry fees online or with a credit card at the drop-off location, please include your entry fee check made out to AAF Cincinnati.

Drop-off location  

  • Grey Midwest
  • 302 W. Third Street (McFarland entrance) 
  • 2nd floor
  • Cincinnati, OH 45202 
  • (513) 381-1380

Friday, January 10, regular fees                                1pm – 6pm
Wednesday, January 15,  late fees apply                 1pm – 5pm
Friday, January 17, highest late fees apply              3pm – 5 pm

NEW LOCAL ONLY Categories!  

Our Cincy-Only Contest will be happening outside of the ADDYs this year.  Entering this "fun" part of our Cincinnati Celebration of Creativity event will be WITHOUT CHARGE.  

Watch your email for further details.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL US AT 513.984.9990. THANKS!!!