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To access the Judges Portal, you will need to use the credentials sent to you by AAF National.

Judging may be hosted virtually. Please check with your local Chapter to verify requirements of physical entries. Requirement of physical entry submissions is at the discretion of the local AAF Chapter.

In some categories, entrants are allowed and/or required to upload additional digital examples of an entry. This is intended to provide more appropriate content for the judges, should a virtual judging solution be necessary. For most categories, there has been no change from prior competition years.

Please carefully follow all online submission guidelines provided within the entry system, in order to ensure that your work is properly represented during all three tiers of the American Advertising Awards competition.


There will be NO physical entries.

Submissions for the 2024 American Advertising Awards are NOW OPEN! Use the login info in the left sidebar to access the submission portal. Please email any questions to awards@aafaugusta.com. 

Professional Single entry: $85
Professional Campaign: $95

Student Single Entry/Campaign: $40

To enter as a Professional, you MUST be a MEMBER!

Click here for Professional rules.

Click here for Student rules.

Submissions end on January 12, 2024, at midnight. All entries will be submitted and judged virtually on the local, district, and national level.

No physical items will be required for submission to judging. 5 attachments are allowed per submission. We urge you to submit as many attachments as possible to convey the piece in its entirety. For physical printed entries, a video is highly encouraged showing the piece in action. 


Q: What type of files can I upload?
A: Upload media files for video, audio and still images. We support a wide range of popular media file formats. Examples include .JPG, .PDF, .3GP, AAC, .WAV, .MP3, AVI, FLV, MP4 and MPEG-2. Quicktime files ending in .mov are also generally accepted, however, .mov files using proprietary codecs such as Apple Pro-Res, RED, ARRI or Avid will not be transcoded and therefore are not accepted. Maximum file size is 1gb.

Q: I'm submitting a website, what do I have to upload and why?
A: All entries in the American Advertising Awards are required to upload a file (or files) to complete their submission. In the case of interactive entries submitted with a URL, it is acceptable and recommended to capture a screenshot of the website home page and upload it as a PDF. This file will be used by the judges (as reference only) to ensure that they are judging the correct site. All judging will be conducted using the online interactive
content itself.

Q: Are there additional rules regarding websites?
A: • For Website and all online entries, submit the URL address.
• For multiple URLs in a campaign category entry, create a webpage that contains each of the individual links and provide the single URL to your newly created page, i.e.
• Do not submit a URL that leads directly to a “swf” file.
• URLs should not require any username or password for access. In cases where this already exists, the entrant should create an independent URL.
• URLs, banners, slates and menus must not contain any references to the entrant.
• Do not submit executable files that will attempt to install a program on the judging computer(s). Executable files cannot be judged and will be disqualified without reimbursement of entry fees.

Q: I’m uploading multiple similar entries. Do I really have to re-enter ALL of that information?
A: No! Rather than re-entering, you can submit your entry to multiple categories, which duplicates ALL of the information and uploaded content of that entry to the additional categories selected. Once you reach the last page and click the button to finish your entry, it will populate these as additional entries, with the appropriate pricing, in your cart. From here you may check out and pay, or you can click into any of the entries and edit and change details (i.e. Entry Name, specific entry information, etc.)

Professional Category Reminders
- Any changes to this year's rules and categories will be noted in red.
- Public Service work must improve the public’s health, education and/or welfare. This work may be paid or pro bono. Public service work does not qualify in any other categories. Individual elements may be entered into Elements of Advertising.
- Pro Bono work/elements are NOT eligible for Best of Show consideration.
- Sales videos or product brochures are not eligible to be entered in the Branded Content categories. These categories are only for content that drives engagement, brand awareness or loyalty – not a sales message.
- Additional digital categories are expected this year.

Note: Any changes to the rules for this year’s competition are in red text within the professional and student rules PDF documents.


  • The competition ends on January 12, 2024, at 11:59 PM.
  • Judging will be from January 13, 2024, through January 28, 2024.
  • The American Advertising Awards TBD