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Due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19, the American Advertising Awards competition rules, categories and entry procedures for 2020-2021 have been modified to allow for the possibility of remote online judging.

In some categories, entrants are allowed and/or required to upload additional digital examples of an entry. This is intended to provide more appropriate content for the judges, should a virtual judging solution be necessary. For most categories, there has been no change from prior competition years.

Please carefully follow all online submission guidelines provided within the entry system, in order to ensure that your work is properly represented during all three tiers of the American Advertising Awards competition.

Please note that online judging is approved for THIS YEAR ONLY.

Online Entry and Judging Software

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To access the Judges Portal, you will need to use the credentials sent to you by AAF National.

The American Advertising Awards, home of the ADDY® Award, is one of the industry's largest creative competitions, attracting nearly 35,000 professional and student entries each year through competitions offered through local AAF clubs. The mission of the American Advertising Awards is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in advertising.

Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the local Ad Club phase is the first of a three-tier, national competition. Concurrently, all across the country, local entrants vie to win ADDY Awards - recognition as the very best in their markets. At the second tier, local ADDY winners compete against winners from other local clubs in one of 15 district competitions. District ADDY winners are then forwarded to the third tier, the national stage of the American Advertising Awards. Entry in your local Ad Club competition is the first step toward winning a national ADDY.

Welcome to your local American Advertising Awards competition.

Online submissions close Friday, January 17, 2020, 6 p.m.

Late online submissions close Monday, January 20, 2020, at 6 p.m. with a late fee

Physical entries must be dropped off BEFORE 6 p.m., January 17, 2020, at: 

200 E Cesar Chavez Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906

Professional Entry Fees (Please check your records to select correct AAF Membership Status on the entry form):
Professional member -
Single entry: $95.00 // Campaign entry: $110.00

Professional non-member -
Single entry: $125.00 // Campaign entry $130.00

Professionals, if you would like to become a member to receive the discounted pricing on entries please join by visiting:

Student Entry Fees:
Student single entry: $35.00 // Student campaign entry: $35.00

IMPORTANT NOTE TO STUDENTS: You must mark “Non-member” as your AAF membership status on the entry form as you are a local club member. If you do not do so you will be charged the professional amount. Information regarding student eligibility and submission entries is located in the section at the bottom of this page.

Club specific rules: You must physically submit two complete entries in two separate packages including the entry itself, two entry forms and entry numbers properly attached in each package. One will be forwarded to the next level upon winning local silver or gold.

Be sure to read all instructions thoroughly and carefully. If entries are not submitted properly they will not be judged.



Credit card payments may be made online upon completing online entries. Cash or checks are also accepted. 

Entry checklist:

  • Complete online entry
  • Submit hard copies (if category requires) include two complete sets in two separate envelopes
  • Single (non-campaign) entries must include the entry with entry number firmly attached to the upper right corner on the back
  • Campaigns must have a number label affixed to the back or bottom. Indicate on each label “1 of 2” or “2 of 2,” etc.
  • Inside the envelope include two entry forms, the entry (creative work) should be facing or readable from one side and the entry form facing or readable from the other.
  • Submit an additional copy of the manifest/invoice to the person receiving your work.
    If you have questions you may email: president@mi-alliance.com or call Trevor at CiesaDesign, 517-853-8877.

Winners will be revealed and honored at the annual Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance awards ceremony.
Awards Ceremony will be held Monday, February 17, 2020, at MSU Kellogg Center.
Ticket information available soon.



Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be enrolled full or part-time in an accredited U.S. educational institution

  • Work must be developed specifically for this competition or submitted from previous projects or competitions. Work developed for paying clients will not be accepted with the exception of work created by clubs as fundraisers or work created for student publications.

  • Work must be created while the entrant is a student not employed in the advertising industry. Student interns are eligible.

Student Auto-forwarding: GOLD AAA winners will progress from Local Club Competitions and to our 6th District Competition and finally the National Competition with no additional fees to the student. SILVER AAA winners may choose to forward work at their cost with a $40 fee.

Physical entries must be placed inside an appropriately-sized envelope. The national American Advertising Awards Committee (N3AC) recommends transparent, plastic envelopes found in most office supply stores and catalogs. Manila-type envelopes may also be used. Please consult with your local club for physical entries as specifications may vary.

If a transparent plastic envelope is used, insert two copies of the entry form securely inside the envelope behind the physical entry. The entry (creative work) should be facing or readable from one side and the entry form facing or readable from the other. Firmly affix the entry number to the BACK of every piece in the entry (use removable entry number tabs from the bottom of printable entry form).

If a manila-type envelope is used, spray-mount the entire entry form and attach it to the front of the envelope. Insert a second copy of the entry form inside the envelope. Also firmly affix the entry number to the BACK of every piece in the entry (use removable entry number tabs from the bottom of printable entry form).

If a three-dimensional (3-D) item is small enough, it should be placed inside an envelope, as described above. The entry number label should be securely attached to the bottom of the entry. Insert two copies of the entry form inside the envelope. (If the entry is likely to tear the envelope when removing and replacing it, choose the method listed below.)

When a three-dimensional (3-D) item is over-sized and too large to fit inside an envelope, enclose the item inside an appropriately-sized box. Secure the entry number to the top of the box in the upper right-hand corner. An entry number label should be affixed to the bottom of the piece for identifying. Spray-mount the entry form to the bottom of the box and place a second copy of the entry form inside the box.

Campaign entries may be handled in the same manner as above, placing the campaign inside an appropriately sized envelope. Firmly affix the entry number to the BACK of every piece in the entry (use removable entry number tabs from the bottom of printable entry form). Indicate on each label “1 of 2” or “2 of 2,” etc. Include an extra copy of the entry form inside the envelope.

All components of Campaign and Integrated Campaign entries must be entered together in an appropriately sized envelope whenever possible. Firmly affix the entry number to the BACK of every piece in the entry (use removable entry number tabs from the bottom of printable entry form). Label each component with an entry number and include the total components for each campaign, (1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10, etc.).

Detach the category and entry number labels from the printable entry form generated when you submitted your entry information online. The entry number must be firmly affixed in the upper right corner on the back of all pieces which are in envelopes. In clear plastic or transparent envelopes, place two copies of the entire entry form into the envelope. Label each component of an Integrated Campaign in a similar fashion. No information identifying the entrant should appear on the face of an entry, or within the title of video slates or online URLs for digital submissions.

Submission of entries acknowledges the right of the AAF to use them for publication, exhibition, and marketing of the American Advertising Awards competition and show.

A SINGLE-MEDIUM CAMPAIGN is no less than two and no more than four total pieces in the entry.

An INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN is defined as a campaign or series of ads, commercials or executions that utilize more than one medium. The American Advertising Awards allows entries in all Integrated Campaign categories to submit up to ten executions for judging. Integrated Campaign entries may be accompanied by a written or digital (video) summary not to exceed 250 words (written) or 3 minutes (digital). Digital summaries must be submitted by uploading the video file during the online entry process.

Failure to adhere to these limitations may result in a portion or all of the noncompliant entry to be removed from judging. 


Digital entries in the Professional Division of the American Advertising Awards are described as follows: 
• Entries in all Online/Interactive categories 
• Entries in all Film, Video & Sound categories 
• Entries in select Elements of Advertising categories 

Entry submission in these categories may be made entirely online, including submission of creative assets either via digital file uploads or submission of URLs for judging (carefully follow the submission instructions during the online entry process). Completion of the entry process FOR THESE CATEGORIES ONLY requires only the online portion of the process—no physical work samples or entry forms are required for submission. However, for ALL OTHER CATEGORIES, a physical entry form and physical samples of the creative work suitable for judging must be submitted as part of the entry.

For Websites and all Online/Interactive entries, submit the URL addresses. For multiple URLs in a campaign category entry, create a webpage that contains each of the individual links and provide the single URL to your newly created page, i.e.-http://www.somedomain.com/addy_entries.html. Do not submit a URL that leads directly to an “SWF” file.

Judging of online entries will be done online, using the URL whenever possible. URLs should not require any username or password for access. In cases where this already exists, the entrant should create an independent URL. URLs, banners, and menus must not contain any references to the entrant.


Physical submissions are REQUIRED for all entries in the following divisions: Sales & Marketing, Print Advertising, Out-of-Home & Ambient Media, Cross-Platform and Categories 79-84 of Elements of Advertising. This includes submission of a physical copy of the creative work—SUITABLE FOR IN-PERSON JUDGING and two printed copies of the entry form. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in disqualification. Entries and entry fees should be sent to the address indicated by your local Ad Club competition. All entries become the property of your local Ad Club, district, or the AAF and will not be returned. Do NOT send original or irreplaceable artwork. It will NOT be returned.